Three simple steps to getting your property sold!



Want to know the details? Here’s how the process works…

     Contact Us

The first step is learning about you and your property. You will be asked about your situation to best understand your needs and how to help. Your situation is unique to you. It’s important to understand your circumstances well, in order to provide the best offer and options for your needs.

You are encouraged to ask any questions through the process so you feel comfortable.

Sometimes an offer can be made over the phone before seeing the property. Usually an appointment is made to come look at the property. You choose when is the best time is for you. We go through the house with you to determine the condition.

     Get an Offer

After evaluation of your property’s condition, location and market conditions, you are presented with a fair offer. Often you’ll also be shown creative options you had not even considered that will help your unique situation. You can expect a fair, written, no obligation offer within 24-48 hours.

In every case, all normal closing costs will be paid for you, you will never be charge any type of fees, and your property will be purchased AS-IS. No need to make repairs or updates to the property. Your offer will be explained so you fully understand the offer and the options provided for you. You choose if you want to accept since there is no obligation.

     Get Paid

From inspection to closing, your property experts handle everything for you. All you need to do is choose the closing date that works for you. Since there’s no need for bank financing, the closing is quick and simple. Closing can be completed in as little as 7 days. All the paperwork is completed for you so only your signature is needed. You will be treated fairly and respectfully throughout the entire experience.